Share the Harvest

“Rio Grande Community Farm appreciates the many individuals, community organizations, and faith communities that support our mission to provide fresh, certified organic food to our community, enhance wildlife habitat on public lands, and educate our youth about environmental and agricultural issues.

We are excited about a new initiative that provides fresh vegetables to the most vulnerable individuals in our community. We call it Share the Harvest, and we invite you to be a partner.

Through this program, you will directly support the delivery of fresh, certified organic vegetables to local nonprofit organizations that serve meals to low-income families and vulnerable individuals in the community. All vegetables are grown at the Rio Grande Community Farm and delivered within 24 hours of harvest. The receiving partnering agency could be a residential home for abused children, a program serving meals to the homeless, a food bank, or a senior center.

Here’s how it works:

Rio Grande Community Farm will donate one pound of fresh produce for every dollar contributed to Share the Harvest. A partner from the community, like you, buys a “share” to offset the cost of growing fresh, organic, local produce. Together, we make it possible for a local nonprofit organization to receive our vegetables.

A $500 donation will put 500 pounds of delicious heirloom tomatoes on the table for low-income families and vulnerable individuals. We believe everyone deserves fresh, nutritious food. Don’t you?

THANK YOU for considering Rio Grande Community Farm in your philanthropy program. Our farm is dedicated to creating a healthy community for everyone. Your support can play a key role in making this happen.

For more information contact: or call (505) 345-4580.