The Rio Grande Community Farm supports the interests and needs of Albuquerque citizens. We provide several programs on the 50 acres we manage on behalf of the Open Space Division.

Share the Harvest

Through this program, donors directly support the delivery of fresh, certified-organic vegetables to local nonprofit organizations that serve meals to low-income families and vulnerable individuals in the community. All vegetables are grown at the Rio Grande Community Farm and delivered within 24 hours of harvest. Partnering organizations include a residential home for abused children, a program serving meals to the homeless, food banks, and senior centers.  Help those in need now!

Community Garden

Located on the NW corner of the Farm, this 2-acre parcel of land showcases the gorgeous garden plots of approximately 100 individuals, schools, and organizations. In addition, the Albuquerque Master Gardeners maintain impressive demonstration plots at the Community Garden, and are always willing to share advice and information during their weekly visits at the Farm. Membership in the Community Garden includes the use of our tools, free seeds, weekly furrow irrigation, and a knowledgeable staff member available two days a week to answer all of your gardening questions. There are no openings for the 2011 growing season. Enrollment for the 2013 gardening season begins December 31, 2012 – please check back then for more information on how to join our amazing Community Garden! If you have any questions regarding the Community Garden, please email

Wildlife Habitat Preservation

Pheasants, roadrunners, migrating Sandhill cranes, Canadian Geese, songbirds galore, and even coyotes share this wonderful Open Space area with us. We actively preserve this land for our animal friends through:
- growing grains that serve as a food source
- growing sunflowers for a variety of birds
- maintaining hedgerows and borders to provide protection
- planting cover crops to provide habitat

Drip Irrigation Demonstration Project

RGCF maintains 16 acres of subsurface drip irrigation to grow high-value food crops for our community. Certified-organic, we are developing organic methods that are applicable to all farmers using subsurface drip technology.

Education Program

One of our most popular programs is our Educational Outreach program. Local school groups from pre-K to eighth grade come to the farm to learn about urban farming, wildlife preservation, and conservation techniques.  For more information on our education programs, email us at